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UNICEF - Vernacular Visions for Swiss Economic Forum 2023

Vernacular Visions is a commisioned work we did for Unicef, showcased in the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken,in the exhibition “MAKE. FUTURE. HAPPEN. - Empowering the young by shaping a better future with your visions.”

The exhibition includes the work of diferent creators using AI tools to  motivate and empower young people with their visions of a better future.

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Why is it that when we imagine a better future, we tend to envision idealistic outcomes instead of focusing on finding solutions to the real problems of the present?

Why do we only understand progress as a demonstration of our ability to create hyper advanced technology, but despise using the tools and knowledge we have available today?

Are we truly trying to imagine a better future, or are we delaying the resolution of

current issues by showcasing our advanced design skills?

While these visions may seem inspiring, they often serve more to feed our own egos than to provide realistic solutions to the pressing issues of the present. By focusing on

superficially impressive technological achievements, we risk overlooking the more

mundane yet crucial ways in which we can work towards a better future.

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“Vernacular Visions” is our humble contribution to reflect on futurism and to open a dialogue about the dominant visions of progress. We aim to showcase solutions that can improve people’s lives today, such as pollution, education, global waste, or lack of access to culture.

Through our project, we hope to encourage a more grounded and empathetic approach to the idea of futurism, one that centers the needs and experiences of real people and


The project comprises three distinct art pieces that reflect on different needs that we consider fundamental to improving tomorrow, with an optimistic perspective that aims to showcase current problems in contemporary society and imagine possible solutions with a glimpse of hope.

You can read more about the project here.

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