During the first week of March 2024 we had the pleasure to teach at the International Workshop Week of HGK Basel.
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International Workshop Week HGK Basel
UNICEF - Vernacular Visions Ulises Studio
Commisioned work we did for Unicef, showcased in the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken,in the exhibition “MAKE. FUTURE. HAPPEN. - Empowering the young by shaping a better future with your visions.”
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UNICEF - Vernacular Visions for Swiss Economic Forum 2023
Stairway to softness Ulises Studio
This breathtaking project invites us to explore the serene beauty of large installations made of hundreds of pillows, thoughtfully crafted for the free use of the inhabitants within the grand vert...
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Stairway to softness
Floating Fantasies Ulises Studio
Inspired by the naivety of bouncy castles, Floating Fantasies consists of a series of images created with Midjourney, featuring large inflatable installations floating in the River Seine in Paris.
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Floating Fantasies
How does AI perceive the contemporary home? Collaborative project with Archdaily Ulises Studio
In search of new perspectives, we collaborated with Archdaily to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) perceives the contemporary home in the context of 15 different countries.
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Archdaily - How does AI perceive the contemporary home?
Read & Roll Ulises Studio
“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” - Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
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Read & Roll
Celestial citadels Ulises Studio
As the veils of reality fade, and the mundane yields to the celestial, we find ourselves both lost and found in the cosmic embrace, dancing among the stars, and etching our stories...
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Celestial citadels
Kinetik Kingdoms Ulises Studio
Aiming to capture the imagination and inspire new ways of living we designed this serie of images that explores the possibilities of creating portable collective solutions for contemporary nomadic...
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Kinetik Kingdoms
Bamboo Bubbles Ulises Studio
Our entry for the "Regenerative Futures" competition has been shortlisted finalist and exhibited at the Design in the Age of AI, in the Space10 HQ in Copenhagen.
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Bamboo Bubbles finalist in the competition Regenerative Futures by Space 10
Cultural Constellations Ulises Studio
The Cultural Constellations series makes use of Midjourney to conceptualize a series of public elements, such as bus stops, canopies, and benches
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Cultural Constellations
Coastal Castles Ulises Studio
Discover the captivating world of 'Coastal Castles,' a visionary project that redefines beachfront living through an exquisite fusion of design and nature. Immerse yourself in a realm where archit..
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Coastal Castles
Portable Pools Ulises Studio
Portable Pools transports us to an urban oasis, blurring the lines between leisureand city life. With captivating visuals, these pools ignite our imagination, inviting us to envision a cityscape...
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Portable Pools
Chilling cocoons Ulises Studio
Come forth and surrender to the allure of this utopian vision,where the artistry of suspended hammocks invites us to unwind and seek respitefrom the chaos of our world.
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Chilling cocoons
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ulises Studio
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Colossal Cascades Ulises Studio
Colossal Cascades envisions a vibrant, inflatable intervention at one of the world’s most iconichistoric landmarks in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.
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Colossal Cascades