During the first week of March2024, we had the pleasure of teaching at the International Workshop Week at HGKBasel. Introducing advanced workflows with machine learning (ML) tools forcreating images and videos to students was not only one of the most fulfillingexperiences but also one of the most challenging of our career.


Over the course of the week-long workshop, students delved intothe intricacies of four different machine learning tools, beginning withpersonalized workflows for image creation and upscaling. They then progressedto integrating these techniques into video using various ML softwareapplications.

Throughout the workshop, students engaged deeply with MLtechnologies, exploring innovative ways to harness these tools for artistic andpractical purposes. The hands-on experience allowed them to experiment withcutting-edge techniques and develop their skills in applying ML to visualmedia.

You can check all the results ofthe students in the workshop "Metaverse in a box" during the International Workshop Week HGK Basel here.