In honor of International Design Day, we partneredwith Roca and to celebrate the profound impact of design on everyday lifethrough the innovative Nu collection.

Nu, acollection designed by  Inma Bermúdez Studio, represents more than just abathroom collection—it's a testament to the transformative potential of design.Meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity, Nureimagines bathroom essentials with elegance and functionality.

Ourcollaboration with Roca underscores the belief that great design transcendsaesthetics; it enriches experiences. Nu embodies kindness and joy, infusingeveryday routines with wonder and delight. From sleek lines to intuitivefeatures, each element of Nu reflects thoughtful, user-centric designprinciples.

This WorldDesign Day, join us in celebrating the power of design to inspire and uplift.Explore Nu by Roca and discover how design can transform the ordinary into theextraordinary, creating the ultimate bathroom experience that blends innovation with beauty.