Ricardo Orts, will be teaching at The Master in Stage Space Design and Artistic Direction, at BAU Collegue of Arts and Design, in Barcelona

The Master in Stage Space Design and Artistic Direction hybridises two roles that are nourished by the same essence:
the dramaturgy of space.

From this root are derived the various areas of specialisation that we find in the world of theatre, dance, cinema, advertising, and events.

We offer you the tools you need to lead an art department and the technical knowledge you will require to design and carry out a set. We will analyse the evolution of the role of the set designer and research the history of theatre and the audiovisual world through the present, adopting a critical and innovative perspective.

The program offers a number of practical workshops as capsules of inspiration taught by creators, artists, and well-known professionals from the sector. In these workshops, you will be able to compare methodologies, discover new areas of specialisation, and find your own benchmarks.